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The Challenge:

Redesign a blank Airbnb pitch deck for my design class.

Screenshot (246).png

The slide deck I was given as a starting point

Before Starting 

While at Adobe this Summer I had attended several workshops on presentation skills, which addressed presentation design.

In my design course we had gone through the various aspects of what makes a good presentation design. We looked at several examples of bad designs and explored how they could be improved.

The Process

Diagnosing the problem points

  1. The complete lack of color.

  2. The over abundance of information.

    1. People forget that they are supposed to talk during a presentation.

    2. Everything you say SHOULD NOT be written on the slide deck.

  3. The lack of character: no images, logos etc. 

Attempt #1

Screenshot (247).png

I gave up on this attempt fairly quickly because Google docs made integrating custom icons too difficult.  

Attempt #2

Screenshot (244).png

I switched over to Figma for attempt #2, and added color and icons, but the deck still lacked character. 

Final Product

Screenshot (248).png

After attempt #2 I knew I needed to incorporate images somehow. However, I still wanted the words and icons to be the main focus. My solution here was using background images at ~40% opacity. This gave my slide deck a branded level of personality that matched Airbnb's missions and beliefs.

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