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About Me

I love solving macro AND micro problems

I'm an extrovert with a thrill for ​problem solving . I am currently in my last year at the University of Maryland pursuing a double major in Psychology and Communications. I am actively looking for a full-time position starting Summer 2021. 

My courses in psychology highlighted to me how much people crave human connection. My courses in communication taught me how to convey the ideas of companies, others, and oneself.

You would think if this is being taught in schools it would be implemented in society. However, the more I researched the more I discovered how inundated the world is with systems no one understands, designs that prove useless, and communication messages that are confusing. 

I am striving to fix what is broken. My hope is to create systems, processes, and designs that work for people!


The Types of Problems That Keep Me Up At Night:

 Strategic Planning and Forecasting
What trends should you be assessing? How you account for current trends while forecasting for future marketing and sales trends? I love doing a deep-dive into competitor analyses and market data to predict the future. 
How Siloed Companies Are
I have seen this first hand at every company I have been at.  Whenever I need information from a team outside of my organization I kept getting passed from person to person to person. 
How the Macro and Micro Intertwine 
A macro problem like organizational design stems from not accounting for different leadership styles and varied emotional intelligence at the micro level. 
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