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Armoire Case Study

Today, consumers have vast options when selecting a clothing rental provider. Each company have their own missions, price points, and marketing tactics. Where does Armoire fit? Are they close to winning the market 

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How Can Netflix Capture Gen Z

ALERT: GEN Z HAS MONEY! The time has arrived where Gen Z are no longer children, but consumers. Not only have they entered the workforce, but they have money to spend, and their consumption are new. What do they want? How can companies tap into it? What can [insert company name] do to win Gen Z?


Birch Branding

Birch, a NYC-based coffee chain is an expert in branding. Their customer base is expansive, with lines no matter their hour. Should you find yourself at one of their locations during peak times, you are likely to encounter a line out the door. What is their secret to capturing Upper West side moms, college students, and remote workers? 

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